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Horoscope Analysis

Get your detailed horoscope in pdf with a brief explanation of effect of planets in different houses in your horoscope.

Janam Lagna Report

Lagna chart  carries a huge significance and is the most important chart of horoscope, also called as Rashi chart /Ascendant.  Our analysis of the Lagna/Ascendent chart provides accurate

Nakshatra Report

Knowing your accurate Janma Nakshatra is very important as per astrology because several astrology rituals and poojas are based on the Nakshatra or Birth Star.

Planets in Rashi

Each individual person is made of a specific and unique combination of the energies of these planets that determines his characteristics, likes and dislikes, personality and behavior

Yogas in Kundali

The most important Yogas in  astralogy. There effective planetary combination in the birth chart that can make you rich and powerful.


The Varshaphala highlights your lucky and unlucky periods so that you can make the maximum use of the year to your advantage.This report provides in depth analysis useful and interesting personal i

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